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'It Starts With Silence'

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Published by, Kehrer Verlag, this is an emotive and politically relevant photobook.

It Starts With Silence is a poignant story, in which the artist takes the reader on a deeply  personal journey, as he searches for understanding and solace. It depicts his  struggle to see beauty in the world, whilst knowing that he is powerless to  help his wife and daughter.    

Gosnold and his wife were told, at twenty weeks’ gestation, that their  expected baby was fatally ill. If the baby survived birth, she would suffer terrible pain, until she stopped breathing. Abortion was illegal in Northern Ireland,  so Denise was forced to carry the dying foetus and wait for the inevitable.

Employing photography, texts and ephemera, Gosnold powerfully communicates  the complexities of his emotional state, while he reflects on baby loss and lack  of access to reproductive healthcare.

It Starts With Silence was shortlisted for the Unseen Dummy Award in 2019.

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Texts by Richard Gosnold

Designed by Richard Gosnold and Loreen Lampe

Hardcover, 16.5 x 22cm

142 pages plus gatefold

82 colour and b/w images

Galaxi Art Supermat (FSC) 150 & 90gsm 

ISBN 978-3-96900-022-9

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