We were told that the baby we were expecting had a fatal anomaly and would likely die during pregnancy or birth. If the foetus survived birth, the baby would suffer terrible pain and then die. Abortion was illegal in Northern Ireland, so Denise was forced to carry the dying foetus to term.

'It Starts With Silence' addresses the legal, political, and personal aspects of the lack of access to abortion, as essential healthcare. This work of protest is informed by conversations with lawmakers, held in small rooms, behind closed doors. Aware of the power of personal stories as a tool of activism to effect change, and keen to subvert the patriarchal doctrine that sensitivity is a weakness that should be avoided, Gosnold refers to the work as a "tender protest", in which he reflects upon these conversations, as well as his place in the political and physical landscape of Northern Ireland. 

It is a sorrowful lament, a work of love, for people who are troubled with crisis pregnancies, a message of hope and solidarity for all whose voices are lost among the chaos of political discourse. Set in a small province in the North of Ireland, this story remains politically relevant and resonates around the world.

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